What if Bird Flu is Listening to the News Reports

What if Bird Flu was cognizant of our fears and what if it knew it must modify itself slightly along the N5H1 strain to infect humans and then changes it self slightly to grow and infect more human hosts? What if Bird Flu, the human strain was engineered by micro-Biologists to grow into a pandemic to limit human population growth and force people into their homes, so it would be easier to control them?

What if the powers that be decided this would be the best way to keep control of the populations of the world? What if Bird Flu was listening to the growing public relations ploy to scare the masses then simply waiting for the correct time to start a pandemic?

What if it was already released into migratory birds and they are simply waiting until it starts its run like influenza does every year? What if they all know something we do not? What if the guy at the coffee shop, the local conspiracy theorist is really onto something? Maybe this time he is right and that Bird Flu is waiting and it is listening in on us and maybe there is a reason why nothing has happened yet?

Maybe, just maybe that guy who we all think is nuts, is actually onto something? As I listened to just such a conspiracy theorist today over coffee, I thought, wow, now that story is for the birds indeed? Or is that story for us to keep us in fear? Think on it.

Lance Winslow - EzineArticles Expert Author

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