Extra! Extra!-Read All About It-Local Man Digs Hole To China!

While standing at the checkout line of just about any store, one can't help but notice the vast array of "news publications" strategically placed for impulse shoppers. If anyone disagrees that the location of these fine works of journalism has nothing to do with spur of the moment shopping ... just look right below them and you'll find the candy section, that for inexplicable reasons, is only 2-3 feet off the ground. Every week on my jaunt to the store, I look forward to this weeks excellence in reporting. "B-52 Found On The Moon", "Jennifer Aniston's Secret Lover Is An Alien", "Bigfoot Arrested For Drunk Driving" ... the list goes on.

As absolutely insane as some of the titles may be, I've actually heard some people say, and I quote, "They wouldn't print it if it wasn't true ... there's laws against that kind of stuff." But somehow in my warped mind, I find an extra bit of humor in the "press stoppers", by asking a few basic questions about the article. For instance ... after all the years of mankind gazing deep into space, somehow nobody ever seemed to have noticed an airplane on the moon. How interesting. Or ... I know bigfoot didn't get nailed for DUI, because if actually had a drivers license ... HE WOULD HAVE A REAL NAME! I would imagine most shoppers pick these up for entertainment purposes only, but there are always those few you wonder about.