7 Words Americans Should Stop Using Until Further Investigat

Americans repeat certain words with mindless ease without once regarding their definitions, their real meanings or their connotative meanings. Their use or perhaps their misuse is a good reflection of the health of our culture or the lack of it. Without including four letter words and expletives with the exception of...love, you will not be able to reach the end of this list without remembering that you have probably heard one or more of these words today alone. If you do not recall hearing them for a while it may be that you live an isolated life in the mountains or you have found company that would be the envy of any halfway intelligent person.

Relationship: Here is a word that is used to qualify, justify and honey coat just about every nefarious, sleazy or reprehensible union between just about anybody and anything. Recently on an edition of the Jerry Springer show a guest was about to be interviewed who was getting it on with a very close relative. Heckles, and murmurs flowed through the crowd from the moment they entered the room and much of the way through the interview. Everything quieted down instantly when Springer asked the question, using in this case the great justifier. He asked how long they had been having this relationship. The audience quieted at first then began to add their opinions and advice as if the word relationship provided all the civility and credence needed to put this obviously perverted affair back into the realm of respectability or at least acceptability. The word is used today to describe everything from marriages to the on-goings between a farmer and his barn animals. This is an overused word that has elevated some of the worst unions in history to a place they hardly deserve.

Love: The word love has but one general definition in the English language but in contrast there are over forty definitions for it in the Greek. Unfortunately definitions for this word are almost always unknown, ignored or drawn from only the basest and lowest of human response. Usually it is defined by physical attraction. If it goes beyond that it wouldn