When one in the U.S.A things of missionaries, we tend to think of a foreign country. My mission field is in the piney woods of Georgia, where I grew up. This is the "Bible Belt", so we have many churches of all denominations...but what is sad, is that many of these folks are not saved, and many in this area do not go to church. When the LORD called me, he told me to go back home, I have a mission for you. During the past 18 years, He has used me greatly here, witnessing to many (even some preachers, Sunday school teachers, deacons, and choir directors). I have led many to Jesus.

What is bewildering to me, is that I am not recognized as a missionary. If I was in Brazil, China, or some other country, then I would be. The LORD has missionaries everywhere, even in your home town.

Pray for all who are bringing the message of good news.

Walkin2e aka Irvin Rozier

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author of My Walk with the Lord, www.campusi.com, preacher, retired military