Absolute Truth

Take God's Word as an absolute
-Live outside of the fishbowl!

Through the eyes of a fish
In the fishbowl the fish lives his life looking at his
reflection in the glass. He sees himself in the mirror
and only has the ones in the fishbowl to compare
himself to.

He argues with his siblings some but they are all
familiar with each other. They know how they look
and act. They eat, swim, and rest.

He doesn't know that life outside the bowl is huge
in comparison...

Outside the bowl
We sit on this planet earth not realizing the outside
much of the time. The more we look to Jesus and
what has been done for us, the more we see outside
of the bowl.

When we know that His word is the truth it makes the
fish-language we hear everyday seem small and
pointless! When we are speaking His Word, we are
quoting the truth!

God's Word is the words of truth from outside the
planet earth fishbowl!

When we come to say that Jesus is Lord and believe
that God raised Him from the grave we are saved
(Romans 10:9,10).

It doesn't matter what we've believed before. It
doesn't matter what we've done. It doesn't matter
what we've said...

We are moved into the kingdom of God.

God made things simple for us because He loves us
so much more than we can imagine
(Ephesians 3:17-19).

God's Word Is Absolute
In order to remain seeing the truth clearly then we
need to take God's Word as an absolute.

It is completely truth. There isn't part of it that's a lie.
There isn't part of it that's wavering in the wind in any
way. It's absolutely the truth.

You and I open ourselves up to receive the good stuff that God really
wants us to have when we really know this.

When outside the fishbowl we find that God has
offered to give us many things. It is our choice
whether or not we receive the gifts...

When we read the inspired, written word of God we
find that He didn't say to wish hopefully and He
would give it to us. In many different ways God said
that if we ask and believe that we get it, we will have it.
(Mark 11:24).

In doing this, you and the rest of the planet Earth
fishbowl will be able to see the gift!

Get into the Spirit inspired Word of God (the Bible).
Read and apply what He told you in your life today
and everyday!

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-Michelle Jacobson

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