Add a Scripture to Your To Do List

I like to write down a "to do" list for the day. I guess it comes from years of teaching school and making lesson plans. The list keeps me focused and shows my progress. I can see that I've accomplished more than I realized.

I had an idea for something new to add to my list - a daily scripture. When I am doing my daily Bible reading in the morning, there is often a verse that really stands out. It may be something to praise God for, a comforting promise, or a quality I need to develop.

So now, after I write out my list for the day, I'm going to write a scripture in the top margin of the paper. That way, every time I look at my chores, I can read over the scripture, or even turn it inot a prayer. Maybe by the end of the day, I'll have it permanently memorized. By the end of even one month, there would be thirty verses etched into my heart, ready to be recalled when needed.

Hopefully, this idea will help you to cover your day with the power of scripture.

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Jessica Gerald
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