Advance or Retreat?

The Christian Scriptures strongly imply the Age of man ends 6,000 years from Adam. In Genesis, man was created on the sixth day. The number of man is six; imperfect and incomplete. The number of divinity, perfection, and completion is seven as the days of our week. The number of the beast is six deified, 666 = me, myself and I, an unholy trinity. As mankind transitions from the Age of Man into the Kingdom Age, in his struggle to dominate, he cannot succeed. It is only a reflex action in a long history of struggle.

When we read of the end of the Age of Man in the Scriptures, we find a time comes when the prudent action is to run and hide. 11 September, 2001, servants of God destroyed the two chief symbols of Mystery Babylon the Great. The servants did not destroy the power of Mystery Babylon, only the symbols. The world is warned. The foolish ignore the warning. The wise retreat and prepare to survive the greatest upheaval since Noah