Lord you spoke into existence the heavens and the earth
Created nations, people and gave America birth
Since 1776 America has been a free land
Our forefathers recognized the creation of Your hand
Many prayers for America have reached your ears
You have kept her safe throughout the years
You have raised up leaders for our nation
For a season and a time them You did station
Now it is the year two thousand and four
America needs your presence even more

America needs the Lord to heal our land
Please, O Lord, stretch out Your healing hand
Without Your presence America would fall
Because of this unto You we do call

Since America's beginning, we have had many wars
We have lost many Americans, boys and girls
O Lord, don't let those deaths be in vain
Comfort their loved ones and heal their pain
From Massachusetts to Oregon state
Upon the prayers of Your people You do wait
Your eyes roam to and fro throughout the country
To show Yourself strong to those who pray to thee

You said if you shall ask you shall receive
Deliver America, O Lord, from those who do deceive
In the troublesome days that lie ahead
Give us day by day our daily bread
America is still under Your amazing grace
Let us not forsake to seek Your face
A great awakening is what we need
To Your Word, O Lord, America must heed
Greed and strife has a strong hold
In the land of the free and the home of the bold

Copyright 2004, Irvin L. Rozier

About the Author

preacher, retired military, author of My Walk with the Lord,