Are You a Worrier?

I'm a born worrier. It's something I fight all the time. But it never seems to be what is actually happening that I worry about. It's the "what-ifs?" that cause the most stress.

I thought about the words of Jesus in Matthew 6:33,34. He understands our tendency to worry, fear, and fret. He advises us to take one day at a time, and trust the present and the future to him.

I've found that when I do that - take each day at a time - and deal with the issues at hand, life is so much easier. I don't have to worry about what may happen several years from now, or even next week. When that time comes, God will help me deal with it.

Releasing our anxieties to God also frees us to enjoy each day with our family and friends. Let's treasure the blessings of the journey.

About the Author

Jessica Gerald is a Christian wife, mother of two sons, and an elementary school teacher of thirty years. Her website is Ladies Ministry Online.