Art and Soul: A Spiritual Approach to Crafts

Cindy Lutz Kornet is a talented artist and craftsperson whose work encompasses many media. With "Art and Soul: A Spiritual Approach to Crafts," she shares her philosophy on how art can transform life and touch our souls. The quote that dominates the back cover of "Art and Soul" succinctly captures her perspective: "Creation is itself but a longing, a kind of Prayer to the Almighty."

An experienced art educator, Kornet believes that "everyone is creative by nature and is limited only by lack of experience, self-doubt or a lack of confidence due to other's criticism." In "Art and Soul," Kornet works to strip away some of those inhibitions that keep us from being the true creative spirits we were meant to be. She believes that art can teach us much about life.

For example, in the creative process, we may make a "mistake." Kornet encourages her students to go back and see how the project can be revised in order to make use of the "mistake" and take the project to a new level. This technique may also be used when we face problems in life. Such challenges can begin to be seen as opportunities.

Art can also be used in the healing process. Art offers an opportunity to express pain or grief that may otherwise just fester inside. The creative process offers both an emotional release and a finished project that can be used to remember a special person or time period.

"Art and Soul" offers many concrete ideas to get the creative juices flowing. Beautiful photographs of Kornet's own work illustrate many of the pages. In addition, a good portion of the book is dedicated to introductory how-to information. Some of the crafts represented include fabric arts, collage, jewelry, card making, gift wrappings, travel journals, and altered books. Kornet also offers suggestions on how to get the whole family involved in the creative process.

Kornet writes from a Jewish perspective, but "Art and Soul" crosses religious lines. It is a book about life and creativity which anyone can appreciate. To learn more about Cindy Lutz Kornet and her work, please visit her website at To purchase "Art and Soul," please

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