Ask Your Angels For Help Prospering

Call on your guardian angel and your angel will come. Angels are not allowed to interfer in peoples lives unless invited. However, once invited they are more than glad to help. Try it get quiet, calm your emotions. Ask you guardian angel to help you. A simple statement calling your angel like "angel help me", has great power. Then just listen with your eyes closed and the angel will come.

Calm yourself
Pray to the Archangel Raphael in the north, thinking of spring. He is the universal healer and an angel of joy and light. He can be asked to heal the hurt and pain of your stress and of being overwhelmed. Archangel Raphael rules Mercury.

I pray to Archangel Raphael on Wednesday. He rules this day and it seems to intensify the prayer. I surround myself with the
color yellow, I burn sandawood incense. I place Fern, Broom and
Aiiseed on the ground in front of me. I usually pray outside for me I feel closer to the angels there. So if the weather permits I just draw a circle in the earth and sit within it.

Pray to the Archangel Uriel in the south, thinking of autumn. He is
invoked against suffering and for mental clarity.Uriel is the spirit of ministration and peace. He helps turn our worst disappointments into our greatest blessings. He is the Archangel of salvation. The ruler over magick, devotion, alchemy, sudden changes, ("The Winds Of Change"), astrology, universal cosmic consciousness, divine order, distribution of power and universal flow, emergencies, judgment, enlightenment and insights. Uriel teaches the path of the heart, the fire of pure Love. Without this pure Love and devotion to Spirit, all spiritual study remains an intellectual pursuit, quick silver. Uriel is the angel of summer and the harvest, he is said to be the angel of the earth. So he can help you bring your prayers to earth. I think of Uriels colors violet, white, indigo, blue, silver and rainbow.

You can make up your own innovations. I keep my innovations simple I simply call the angels names like a chant.

As a planetary angel, Archangel Michael rules abundance, money, and growth. Use gold and yellow colours/candles/cloth/flowers, a sun symbol, and a piece of gold. As a planetary angel, Archangel Raphael rules business, contracts, and buying and selling. Use orange coloured items, a Mercury symbol {winged sandals}, and some quicksilver {mercury in a thermometer} and aluminum. The planetary angel Sadkiel rules prosperity, expansion, generosity, banks, and loans. Use something coloured electric blue, a symbol of Jupiter and some tin or zinc. I keep my innovations simple I chant the name of the angel seeing them come into my life. I imagine their colors. Once I am relaxed I begin to call on the name of the angel Michael.

Do this daily for thirty days and your life will change.

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