Bible Study Basics

Putting the cart before the horse! This common trait, paradoxically, is human nature both at its best and worst. We are good at taking that "leap of faith" and making great strides towards a goal. Yet consistantly we ignore sound planning and preparation - two things what would virtually guarantee our success. Such is man!

Embarking on a course of bible study seems to be no different. How often do we ignore the foundational exercises so we can jump right in? Everyone does. And it works out just often enough to remain a tempting option. But fear not, there's help for you and I yet. And it comes in the form of the lowly dictionary. That's right, a dictionary.

Language, especially the written language, is meant to be precise. The more important the writing, the more precise the language. That's why contracts are so carefully worded. It's also why we pay lawyers large sums to circumvent what we have so carefully written but that's something for another day. With respect to the Bible, one could easily argue that it is one of the most carefully worded documents ever crafted.

Understanding the lessons we are meant to learn depends on our knowing the meaning of the words used to convey those lessons. And therein lies problem. Our spoken language is dynamic and fluid, changing rapidly and often. Our written language changes evolves and changes far more slowly. To understand the written word, we need to understand the meaning and context of those words not as we understand them today, but as they were understood when they were written.

So, rather than jumping right in, take a step back and work on the foundation of your studies. Make an effort to understand the historical meaning and context of the words you are studying. Find and use a good Bible dictionary. These days it's a simple matter indeed There are fantastic online Bible dictionaries that are easily accessed and utilized at the click of button.

Using an online Bible dictionary will enrich your understanding of the Word and deepen your faith. Next time you're tempted to jump right in, take the time to look up every word in just one passage. You'll be amazed at what you learn and I guarantee, be hungry for more!
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