Billy Graham, America Salutes You

America has had its great share of renowned preachers, missionaries and evangelists but none can hold a candle to the Reverend Billy Graham. His influence is worldwide but for Americans his life and ministry have been both influential and a matter of pride. That is, we are proud of him, our native son, our pastor at large, our voice of hope in the turbulent and changing American landscape.

He has preached the message that is heralded by every believer across all denominational lines. That message is the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. One is bound to ponder why if it is the same message that all our churches put forward how has Billy Graham succeeded in its promulgation more than any of the churches? The answer is no secret. Graham stayed on course for over six decades; he stuck to the simple but profound message of the gospel. He did not swerve to take part in the new twists and emphasis that we all seem so hungry for, like the prosperity gospel, the dominion teachings, or any other new kid on the block kind of movement. His steadiness is not only his success but it is perhaps one of the greatest lessons America will ever be taught. From Hula Hoops to Elvis to hippies to cabbage patch dolls, beanie babies,MTV, and God knows what is next, Graham has held the course. Americans have a reputation throughout the world for their short attention spans. And we have earned it. But when we are in real trouble, facing attack or threats from without, we don