Call for Anglo-Israeli Alliance

The United States should recognize our Hebrew roots and biblical responsibilities, and band together with our Jewish brethren to FIGHT AND WIN THE WAR AGAINST THE NAZI-MUSLIMS.

The Arab regimes only respect force, and with our attempt to be evenhanded, rather than using a proper iron fist, showing the mercy of fools and seeking to appease the Muslim beast, we're only reaping further hatred and contempt, since they consider such foolishness as weakness - and it is.

Biblical prophecy shows ultimately the Anglo-Israelites, the Joes (descended from the tribe of Joseph) and the Jews (descended from the tribe of Judah), will drive our enemies into the sea and/or relocate the "Palestinian" pricks somewhere to the West, perhaps the Western Sahara - away from Israel, our brother nation and faithful ally
(Isa. 11:14, Zech. 9:13).

The Arab world should tremble before our Anglo-Israeli alliance and know that we're serious in winning the war they've waged against us, that we're determined to finish what they foolishly started, and that God is with us and their opposition will be crushed and we'll enforce PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH.

The one in a position to deal with the Israeli-Palestinian issue is the ISRAELIS! They must enforce the Law of Moses as taught by former Israeli parliament member and rabbi, Meir Kahane, that demands the immediate expulsion of every sworn enemy from

The United States, and the world, should stop preaching to Israel to practice
restraint, but encourage them to put an end to Arab terrorism by REMOVING THE THREAT from the Jewish Homeland, once and for all! How logical!

The world understood and didn't utter a word of protest, as is proper, when the Gulf States expelled 500,000 "Palestinians" as a security threat during Operation Desert Storm. I was living in Israel as a volunteer at Kibbutz Dan way up north near Syria
and Lebanon at the time, and had a letter published in the Jerusalem Post exposing the hypocrisy of the world on this issue.

The UN only sanctioned what God had decreed: the rebirth of Israel as a nation in 1948. Now the UN is nothing more than a den of thieves and brood of vipers that should be sent packing, since they pollute the world from New York with all their vile resolutions against America and Israel while ignoring or supporting all that is truly
evil in the world.

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