Hey, sorry I haven't responded until now...I have been to South Carolina. A friend of mine is there (we used to do ministry work together..he'd sing and I would preach), and he called me to come get some Bibles. He is renovating a big hotel, and he found several cases of unused Gideon Bibles. I got him to sing a few songs, "Crank Up the Music, Let's Have Church", and "Soul Filin' Station". We had a wonderful visit and prayer time, I came back and have already given away three cases of Bibles (I have 1 and 1/2 left).

I do a nursing home ministry and play all types of gospel music, old ones, new ones...I have had 92 year olds up and dancing in the spirit, some that couldn't clap their hands, tapped their feet...yes, we need a mixture...and that can only come by being led of the Holy Ghost..He knows what each person needs.

I know what you are saying about "biting your tongue"...The Lord does say in Eccl that there is a time to speak and a time to keep silent..It is hard for most people (particularly those set in their ways) to let go and let Jesus take over...but prayer can change things..keep on praying for your pastor and church, and the Lord will answer.

I wrote this poem about a little Methodist had dwindled down to almost nothing, but they kept on praying. The church now is thriving..spiritually and in other ways...They have a great influx of youth and a wonderful program. They have built a social hall and broke ground to expand the sanctuary..mind you, nothing fancy but the extra space is needed...Most of all, the Spirit of the Lord is there, and there is a great love one for another...I preached at that church before to four members, and now they have around 150. Here is the poem I wrote:


A small white church sits at the edge of town
Some people said why don't you tear it down
After all, the congregation is only three or four
You might as well close the church door

These few saints, faithful to the Lord
Kept the door open though they could barely afford
To pay the preacher, the utilities and the rest
They gave from their hearts their very best

To the Lord in heaven they knelt in prayer
And committed Ward Memorial church to His care
He saw their faithfulness and began to bless
And increased the congregation, I do confess

Brother Joe became their preacherman
He was widely known as a Jesus fan
The church grew and grew and grew
The Lord added daily, sometimes one sometimes two

Faith and commitment to Christ the King
Makes the heavens rejoice and the angels sing
Ward Memorial is spreading the Good News
And the Lord is rapidly filling the pews

This poem is a tribute to those faithful few
And to the Lord who makes all things new
May Ward Memorial continue to be a light
And draw others to Jesus who makes things right.

Copyright 2005 Irvin L. Rozier

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Author of My Walk with the Lord,, various other articles and poems (google or yahoo search my name), preacher, retired military