A friend of mine telephoned me the other day
He said come on up to South Carolina way
I have cases of unused Bibles still in the box
I will give them to you said my friend Mike Cox

I drove I-95 to the other side of Marion Lake
I was thinking unused Bibles for goodness sake
I'll take those Bibles and pass them around
They need to be used and not in boxes bound

I had a great visit with Mike and his son
They were renovating a motel and having fun
The motel building had been vacant for awhile
The old furniture and fixings made quite a pile

Jonathan Johnson bought the sad looking place
He said I'll change it and give it a new face
Soon those old rooms will be nice living quarters
Owned by the residents and not rented by boarders

I loaded the cases of Bibles and away I drove
Brought them back home to my pecan grove
I then asked the Lord who to give them to
To the inmates in the local jail I gave a few

Now those Bibles are not collecting dust
People are reading about God in whom I trust
The Word has been bound for far too long
It was good to hear Brother Mike sing a song

Copyright 2005 Irvin L. Rozier , Author of My Walk with the Lord,, ISBN code 1589301137

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Author, preacher, retired military