Celebrating Advent as a Family

Celebrating Advent as a Family
By Lisa M. Hendey

For families longing to build traditions related to their identity as Roman Catholics, few times of the year hold greater promise than the liturgical season of Advent. The sites and sounds of the holidays fill the air around us, as we communally anticipate the glory and majesty of Christmas. Beginning with the First Sunday of Advent, Catholic families have the opportunity to share the treasures of our faith with our children in prayer, symbolism and song.

Meredith Gould, author of The Catholic Home: Celebrations and Traditions for Holidays, Feast Days, and Every Day (Doubleday, February 2004, hardcover, 256 pages) writes on the customs and rituals prevalent in Catholic culture. A recent convert to Catholicism, Gould shares the following advice for families looking to truly rejoice in the season of Advent with their loved ones.

Q: Why is it important for Catholic families to observe and celebrate the liturgical season of Advent?

Gould: Advent is not