Controversial role of religious scholars in pakistan

Controversial role of religious scholars in pakistan

The recent incidents in Meerwala and Mianwali have brought to light the fact that the state has failed to ensure rule of law and prevent the brutal custom from superseding it.

It was in a strife torn tribal society that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) first preached the message of justice and equity, and elevated women to a respectable status.

It is sad to find such inhuman acts being committed in a Muslim society. It seems that the people of the subcontinent have failed to reject the pagan custom and traditions of their forefathers even centuries after they entered into the fold of Islam.

Many of the custom repugnant to the teachings of Islam are still being followed as components of our religion.

Our ulema have let majority of Muslims ignorant with regard to their rights and responsibilities under Islamic laws. They should have been the first to raise their voice forcefully against these utter violations of Shariah.

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