Decision making techniques using spiritual tools

Here are some steps I take to make decisions I have found a lot of ways to make decisions and look at things but this one works for me. First I must recognise the precise question. If you can formaulate a clear question like what is the issue here?
But you must be clearer than that. Clarify and understand the issues envolved. Ask yourself why you have to make this decision. Separate the issues into first things to be worked on and the lesser issues. Check all your assumptions. What are the givens here. Remember that under each given has an assumption behind it. It is important to look at assumptions for they will get in your way later. Whatever we assume determines the data you will look at.

Focus write a clear statement of all the activities that need to be done. Brainstorm ways that it could be done. Make a priority list from this brainstorming.
Set up the challenge into four columns for instance. I will leave my job or I will not leave my job. Each of these columns has a column beside it with all the reasons you should leave or not leave.

Now that you are clear both morning and evening just as you are going to sleep, and upon awakening affirm and pray for a solution. Seek Higher Power in prayer and ask for confirmation. Wait patiently it will come.

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