I know, because I have battled some demons in my time....Did you know, too, that animals can be demon possessed? Remember in Mark Chapter Five when Jesus cast a LEGION of demons into a herd of swine?

I once went to a man's house with my brother-in-law. We drove into his yard, and were immediately surrounded by four vicious attack dogs (rottweilers)...We couldn't get out, so my brother-in-law decided to leave.

The next day, I went there by myself. The same dogs were there and come running up to my vehicle...I felt an evil presence (the hair of my flesh stood up..Job 4 verse 15), the power of the Holy Spirit came upon me, and I said "Shut up and back off in the name of Jesus!"....Immediately the dogs backed up, started whimpering like small puppies: I got out of my vehicle and walked all around the place as the dogs stood silently staring at me.

Once I had a man come at me with a knife. I was reading the story of David and Goliath to a little girl, when this demon possessed man burst through the back door of her mother's house. He had been stalking and harassing this woman; her 10 year old son had a BB gun trying to protect his mom. When he came at me with the knife, the hair of my flesh stood up, the power of the Holy Spirit came on me, I stuck my Bible in his face, and commanded, "Stop in the name of Jesus!"...He immediately hit the floor like he had been hit with a baseball bat. The little boy jumped behind me, and said, "I'm on your side!" The woman's 16 year old niece said, "I have never seen anything like that!". At that time, too, the sheriff pulled up, and took this man away.

Later, every one in the house that night was saved....first the little girl, then a few years later, the mama, the man, the niece and son.

Yes, the devil and his demons are real...but "Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world"...

Just two examples....I have many more.

Be blessed in Jesus!


"And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him." Gen 5.24

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