Devas are related to angels

Devas are related to angels there are two distinct meanings of Devas
In Hinduism and Buddhism are a lot more complex then those of the

Western world. In Sanskrit Deva means shining one.

Madame Helena P. Blavatsky, co-founder of the Theosophical Society,

introduced to the West her own conception of devas. She saw them as
a type of angel. She thought they came from from previous planetary

periods. They came to earth before the elementals. They would stay

dormant until earth's people evolved to a certain spiritual stage and

then they would help man evolve.
Certain people seemed to evolved to that point now. They have partnered

with the people at Findhorn in Scotland and Perelandra, in

Washington,DC.This partnership was discovered in the produce of

Findhorn in Scotland and Perelandra in Washington, DC.
Being a gardner myself these places have always fascinated me.
I have read extensively about the relationship between the Devas
and humans in these places. It seems that the Devas are assigned to

every living thing including the soil. In the above places they have

educated humans on planting, soil ammendments, fertilization, and

taking care of the plants there. They grew enormous vegetation in poor

soil and climate.
plant care.

I personally have called on the Devas of my little piece of land and I

have learned a great deal about growing things. The first year I was

here I planted trees that died and in certain parts of my yard I

planted and things grew well. I was puzzled but I called on the Divas

and they told me that the man who lived here before filled with compost

that had a lot of poisons in them. So I dug out certian parts of the

yard added compost that I made and sure enough things grew. I have not

had the results they had at Findhorn but I have not spent the time

talking to the Devas they did there either. I plan to start to spend

more time in my yard and with the Devas.
The Devas in my yard were quite astonished that the man who lived here

before was so destructive of nature but they have been perfectly

willing to work with me to improve the yard and to grow things. Devas

have the knowledge of all plants and the soil and any other information

you might want to know about the earth. They control all necessary

energies for growth and health for all living things.

Another thing I have learned from the Devas in my yard is how to use

the herbs I grow there to heal. I also have learned about Flower

Essences and their healing properties. As long as I am willing to spend

the time and meditate on the Devas they are willing to teach me and

their knowledge is unending.

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