Do Angels Have Names?

Angels may use different names from time to time. They will tell you

their name if the time comes this is important for you when contacting

Each of us have our own angel. They have been with us always since the

conception of all souls and all angels. This angel is assigned to help

you connect with your Higher Power and to grow spiritually. This angel

loves you with an unconditional love. Your angel knows every thought,

action and subsconscious thought you have. Your angel is here to love,

honor and understand you. Your angel will help you with your souls

development. However, you must invite your angel in as they never

interfer with your fre* will.
When one first tries to contact their personal angel you may wonder if

the contact has been made or it is just your imagination. This is

perfectly normal everyone trying to contact their angel experiences it.

Just keep contacting your angel and the quality of the information you

receive will become more reliable. You will begin to experience being

protected, comforted, and never again will you feel alone.

Contacting your angel will not interfer with any religion that you

practice it will only enhance the experience. For most people being in

contact with their personal angel speeds up the process of letting to

of anything that is keeping you back from experiencing your full

spiritual potential. This can be a very upsetting time as things

change fast but your angel will be there to help you through this time

and you will come out the other side a happier, and more spiritual

Your compainion angel will guide you on special paths you might not of

ever thought of without them. Remember they are here to communicate

Higher Powers plan for you to evolve spiritually directly from the

Higher Power to you. So trust your angel and follow their guidance.
Feel the love and understanding of your own angel who has
known you always and loves you unconditionally. This angel can teach

you to love yourself unconditionally.

Don't worry to much about the name of the angel they will give you a

name as close to their vibration as you can understand. They do not

call each other by names because they know they are all one with Higher

Power. Something that a lot of mankind is still learning.

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