European intrigue behind push for "Palestine"

If Israel concedes to a Palestinian state it would constitute "a hideous act of self-mutilation" (as Churchill referred to Great Britain's proposed surrender of India).

Such an Amalekite entity on the biblical lands of Judea and Samaria (so-called West Bank) would surely incur divine wrath (Numbers 33:55).

If Israel self-righteously refuses to destroy the threat to their existence, such a state will further destabilize and destroy them (Dan. 9:11).

GERMANY AND THE VATICAN ARE BEHIND THE PALESTINIAN DRIVE FOR STATEHOOD (Ps. 83). Even as Germany and the Vatican collaborated against Serbia to further their FOURTH REICH, the consequent trouble and turmoil in the Middle East that will surely follow any "Palestinian" attempts to divide Jerusalem will provide the opening and excuse for Europe to intervene!

Europe realizes that their emerging Catholic kingdom is incomplete without the crown of JERUSALEM. Europe is prepared to aid and abet the "Palestinian" goal of making East Jerusalem Judenrein! (Zech. 14:2). However, they'll surprise Ishmael when they seize the coveted Temple Mount for themselves!

Israel has failed to follow the old military maxim to "never reinforce failure." Hence the treacherous Oslo accords have followed in succession with more dangerous cessions of the Promised Land of Israel to Ishmael!

Israel's deaf, dumb and blind leaders have ignored every warning issued by Churchillians, seduced by Chamberlain-like false prophets offering visions of a lying peace. The end result of Israel's APPEASEMENT POLICY will be the end of Israel's independence and the beginning of EUROPEAN OCCUPATION!

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