Fighting the Boundaries

"Great peace have they who love your law,
and nothing can make them stumble." (Psalm 119:165 NIV)

I was taking my puppy for her daily morning walk. As usual, she had more energy than I could dream of, especially at that hour. She pulled on her leash, going as fast as she could with me holding on. If only she could get free, she could run and chase to her heart's content. But to her, that leash restrained her fun and her freedom. What my puppy viewed as a restriction was actually a boundary created by her loving owner for her protection.

I imagine this is how many young people feel about their parents' rules, and God's laws. If only they could be free, they could really live! We as parents aren't trying to be a killjoy with our teens, but we are setting loving boundaries for their spiritual, physical, and emotional protection.

This is also the way with God's laws. Our minister says that when we break God's laws, we are broken. That's because God is putting loving boundaries around us. While we may think that sin is pleasurable, and it may be for a short while, he knows that the consequences are painful. He is trying to protect us from the results of sin.

The worm on the fishhook looks very desirable. But when it bites, the result can be deadly. Satan dangles the bait above us, enticing us to bite. He makes it look delicious. But partaking can be just as dangerous for us.

Instead of resisting God's protective rules, let's be thankful for them, and abide by them. For they will bring us abundant life, not the sorrow of sin.

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