Pejorative images of Bible-thumping deviates jump to mind. When did we become so ignorant as to regard natural healthy sexual contact as a 'sin'? Who benefits? Did the patriarchs and harem masters want all the women for themself? Why did men have to use power to get what women love to share? Family planning and social responsibility was undermined through religions seeking to sell evil, and sex as sinful. The sensual side of man is real; still no aspect of life is more abused by political machinations. It wasn't Machiavelli who designed the guilt trips of appeal to the basest urges of animals. He may have perfected the political science but it was done a long time earlier in many Mediterranean locations. Sex and sensitivity is a powerful potential for sharing between people and with the spiritual forces and knowledge that allows real growth. If people didn't learn to lie and cajole or manipulate for sex, how much better off would mankind truly become?

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