Giving God Our Heart

~ Giving God Our Heart ~

As humans, we want to be and hope to be good enough, while falling flat on our face again and again ... and, sometimes, even give up at the seemingly impossible. And if someone else doesn't kick us in the pants for failing, we most assuredly do it to ourselves.

But, what we may not realize is that our early spiritual growth is often a bit like learning to ride a bicycle. We do get some bumps, knocks, and skins along the way ... and God doesn't even care that we fall, as long as we get up and try again. Proverbs 24:16

But, the reason we fall has to do with our 'hope' to be good enough, as if it is something that can be earned. Satan uses that against us, to trip us in our journey, so he can gloat, "Failure!" again and again. In such, as the accuser of the brethren, he makes sure we see ourselves in a fallen state because, as long as we believe God cannot receive us, he can keep us from knowing the truth.

Everything God creates is good, and that includes you. So, He is not the least bit offended by what humans deem as imperfection. In fact, God cannot look upon sin. So, when He looks upon us, He sees us as He created us to be and He knows, outside of darkness, what the true choices of our heart would be. It's us that is often lacking in being able to see beyond the darkness, and so darkness is often where we dwell.

Though, what causes the real and lasting difference is when we make loving God our choice.

Consider this. Let's say you have a child. Then, Satan comes along and tries to convince you to give that child up for adoption. He might start with something like, "See, they don't really love you, because they didn't answer at your first call." Now, wouldn't that be a bit ridiculous? But then, maybe, next time, you were not pleased with that child's response. Even so, there is no way you would give that child up for adoption. Then, as the child grows, tantrums begin. You might want to paddle their behind. But, you wouldn't give them away. And, as they get older, you might even feel like 'pitching them out the window'. Though, still, as tempting as it may be, you wouldn't do that or give them away.

In fact, if a dime was all you had left, there is no tragedy but what, if you still had the mental capacity, you would give that child away. The reason is that you made a choice to love that child. The choice was not made to suffer. But, if suffering would be a result, you would still choose to love that child as they would be so dear to your heart that you would not want to break theirs ... and breaking their heart, in such a way, would be about the most horrible and tragic thing, this side of heaven; for both of you.

In such, you would, still, not be perfect; in the eyes of man. But, you would have achieved a perfect heart; for which that heart became perfect the moment you made it your non-negotiable choice.

It's the same way with God. When we stop to realize that God's love for us is as pure as that perfect little infant and consider what He has already done for us is way more love than any of us deserved, then begin to realize we were created in His image (so, whatever we would feel in like circumstance, He does, too), and make the choice to love God, it becomes a covenant of the heart that you'll never want to take back, 'til death do you part.

Then, the more we come to realize 'what God does see' is our heart (and whatever would cause us to hurt causes Him the same), being that we already love God, we choose to give Him more and more areas of our heart (because we don't want to break His); wherein He fills all that darkness with light and love ... and a true romance relationship blossoms ... 'til we become that infant, beholding the face of our Father, and finally realize, absolutely everything that represents darkness was Satan's doing, to keep us from our rightful place with God.

Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

Matthew 5:8