Hebrews 1 verse 14 "Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?"

The following is a testimony of two incidents where I believe God sent an angel to minister unto me:

In July 1993, I was driving down the highway during a blazing hot day. There, beside the rode, was an elderly gentleman hitchhiking. He was dressed up in a suit and had a small bag of belongings with him. The Lord spoke, and said, "Pick up this man." At this command, I stopped my old Datsun truck and offered him a ride. He gladly accepted as he pulled out a handkerchief and wiped the sweat from his face. I introduced myself and asked him where he was going. He said he was going to Washington, D.C. As he began to talk, I felt the presence of the Lord. This man was of a swarthy complexion. He said he was an Eskimo and came from Puerto Rico where he had been in seminary. He showed me a military identification card that reflected that he was a retired Colonel, U.S. Marines. He spoke 12 languages fluently. As I pondered this information, this verse of scripture popped into my mind, "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers; for thereby some have entertained angels unawares" (Hebrews 13.2). The Lord spoke to me and told me to take him the forty miles to Jesup (Amtrak station), and to give him that $100 I had in my pocket. I obeyed. Out of the mouth of this man came answers to some of my prayers I had prayed. One of these prayers was about going to Washington, D.C. I later went on this mission, and the Lord used me in a great way.

On 28 February, 2004, after church, the Lord spoke to me and told me to go to Ocala, Florida, about 160 miles from where I live. I packed a few belongings and drove on down there. When I arrived, I asked the Lord where to stay, and He directed me to the old Ritz in downtown Ocala. I booked my room, and looked around at some of the sights. I retired for the night, and woke up refreshed. I went down to the area where they served a continental breakfast. The attendant and I were the only ones there. I got a cup of coffee and a few pastries, and sat down. Soon, in walked a young woman whose presence filled the room. She had the brightest blue eyes and a glow about her. There was a karaoke machine there, so I asked her, jokingly, if she was the singer. She then begin to sing a beautiful song, I Can Only Imagine, a song about heaven. When she sang, it was so beautiful and peaceful. I talked with her some about the Lord, and relayed some of the burdens I was going through. She told me that God loved me, placed her hand (the warmth of her hand was incredible) on my heart, and said, "You are a good man. God loves you very much and will take care of you." She then departed and I was left with a lasting impression of God's wonderful love. About an hour later, I went to my truck to leave, and there, posted on my window was a note. It said, "God said to me...with all the riches you've stored...you've got so much rewards to choose from...and all you want is love..You shall have it." I still have the note. I never seen her again (she could have been anywhere between the ages of 18 to 30). And the Lord has showered His love upon me. I am blessed.

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author of My Walk with the Lord, www.selahbooks.com, preacher, retired military