Hindus and their Satanic Religion

Hindus (esp. Hindu Fundamentalists) -

You are socially degraded people. Your religious practices are awful. Religious practices should be peaceful and meditative. And you make maximum noise with utmost arrogance. Your people go out in Ganeshotsav to have sexual fun with innocent women. In Diwali you make pathetic air as well as sound pollution. Innocent people get burnt; students are notoriously disturbed with their studies. Your tradition of burning the Ravan doll in Dasara is simply ridiculous, rubbish, and childish. Ravan is supposed to be an evil tendency or mindset, which should be burnt, I mean destroyed, by rigorous introspective and social work. Burning a huge doll wastes money and corrupts the environment. How many people leave the site by a novel thought that they would take steps to change themselves and their society for good ? You have no respect for others and no intention to please your God. You just want to have the utmost materialistic pleasures in the false name of God. See Muslims, how united they are, how peaceful and true to the heart their religious practices are. And see how terrific problems you create on absurd grounds. See the way Hindus are treated by Hindus. You have loads of cast systems and regional tensions. You justify the ruthless acts of burning kind and tolerant Christian missionaries alive in your country (i.e. India). I respect Bhagvad Gita and philosophy to some extent but you even do not deserve to utter words of it. (Sanskrit is an Aryan/Indo-European language just as English. Any ways, you don