Hitler Was A Catholic?

You might say Wagner was an Ultra-Christian and yet his 'Ring' tells of the people that also created Valhalla in legend. You have to go on a search as Hitler had his archaeologists do - looking for Agarthe. There the Valkyrie of Wagner speak to channelers or trance orators like Hitler. I will reproduce a poem he wrote after years of study in Vienna where his father had studied near their benefactor and relative named Rothschild. I will try to do in 2,000 words what takes three volumes with lots of quotes and references. The need to play two sides against the middle to keep the common people in fear is still part of the Illuminized Skull & Bones agenda to this very day as a War on Terra continues while people argue about the evils of Islam or Zionists.

Did you know Hitler called himself the torch-bearer of Jesus? He was referring to the Keltic/Aryan Iesa that Jesus was named after, but he let other people run with the idea of his near messianic status for political reasons. Here is a poem he wrote after over five years of study in Vienna where St. Germain and Kaballists reigned supreme.
"I often go on bitter nights
To Wotan's oak in the quiet glade
With dark powers to weave a union