How Psychic Concentration can Fillfill Your Desires

Quote: "It is a spiritual law
that the desire to do
necessarily implies the ability
to do."

I FIRMLY beleive that this applies to All Psychic Feats... and I bet you feel this too!

You have all read of "Aladdin's
Lamp," which accomplished such
wonderful things. This, of course,
is only a fairy tale, but it
illustrates the fact that man has
within him The Power, if he is
Able to use it, to gratify his
every wish.

If you are unable to satisfy your
deepest longings it is time you
learned how to use your God-given
powers. You will soon be
conscious that you have latent
powers within capable when once
developed of revealing to you
priceless knowledge and unlimited
possibilities of success.

Man should have plenty of everything
and not merely substance to
live on as so many have. All natural
desires can be realized. It
would be wrong for the Infinite to
create wants that could not be
supplied. Man's very soul is in his
power to think, and it,
therefore, is the essence of all
created things. Every instinct
of man leads to thought, and in
every thought there is great
possibility because true thought
development, when allied to
those mysterious powers which
perhaps transcend it, has been the
cause of all the world's true progress.

In the silence we become conscious
of "that something" which
transcends thought and which uses
thought as a medium for
expression. Many have glimpses of
"that something," but few ever
reach the state where the mind is
steady enough to fathom these
depths. Silent, concentrated thought
is more potent than spoken
words, for speech distracts from
the focusing power of the mind
by drawing more and more attention
to the without.

Man must learn more and more to
depend on himself; to seek more
for the Infinite within. It is
from this source alone that he
ever gains the power to solve his
practical difficulties. No one
should give up when there is
always the resources of Infinity.
The cause of failure is that men
search in the wrong direction
for success, because they are not
conscious of their real powers
that when used are capable of
guiding them.

The Infinite within is foreign to
those persons who go through
life without developing their
spiritual powers. But the Infinite
helps only he who helps himself.
There is no such thing as a
Special "Providence." Man will not
receive help from the Infinite
except to the extent that he believes
and hopes and prays for
help from this great source.

Concentrate on What You Want and Get
It. The weakling is
controlled by conditions. The strong
man controls conditions. You
can be either the conqueror or the
conquered. By the law of
Psychic - Concentration you can achieve
your heart's desire. This law is so
powerful that that which at first
seems impossible becomes attainable.

By this law what you at first see
as a dream becomes a reality.

Remember that the first step in
Psychic - Concentration is to form
a Mental Image of what you wish
to accomplish. This image becomes a
thought-seed that attracts thoughts
of a similar nature. Around
this thought, when it is once
planted in the imagination or
creative region of the mind,
you group or build associated
thoughts which continue to grow
as long as your desire is keen
enough to compel close Psychic