Hypocrites Enjoying The Freedom Of Religion

In my last article "Listen My Children And You Shall Hear," I purposely imposed a situation where I included all Christians as the enemy in the battle for a society based on freedom for all. I received a few responses that anyone would expect to receive when they choose to remove the gray areas. While one might believe I hate Christians, it's absolutely not true, and the fact that I speak highly of the right to freedom of religion indicates my true feeling. What I do dislike is any group that does not hold true to their creed. Being a member of any group, organization, or religion has some responsibility that goes along with being a part it.

One response stated:
This is the reason why this party has been rejected for the highest office. Not all Democrats hold to this view and how illogical to lump all Christians into this category.

I had hoped that I would get that customary "lumping all Christians into this category" remark. If someone in a group that I belong to is spewing out misleading and hateful dissertations that destroy the very ideology of my group's beliefs, I'm going to stand up and make them accountable. So far, I've not seen many good Christians impeding the efforts of Falwell, Dobson, Robertson, and others who destroy the very concepts of Christianity. When I see that happening then I'll stop my lumping.

Another response:

I must be missing something in life. I am a "born again" Christian and I have never had anyone complain about my zeal. Perhaps I don't have any. I don't know if the threat you feel is real or not, but I think what you are speaking of is not a great movement toward fundamentalism, but more so a great silent majority being awakened.

Good people don't complain about zeal, they tolerate it, and I'm not disapproving of zeal. Properly administered it is a worthy practice. However, used excessively and without decency, as it is with fundamentalists, it becomes an undesirable behavior that defeats its purpose. When Christians are aligned with the zealotry of bigots and money collectors, they include themselves in that behavior. When this silent majority wakes up their most important task is to separate themselves from those that destroy the true Christian message.

In Proverbs 11:9, "A hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbor: but through knowledge shall the just be delivered." Clearly a warning not to believe all you hear, to seek out the truth, and by doing so, become just. For reasons I can't really explain, this is not happening in some of our churches today. People live by the headlines, not the sermon. Simply I ask, how long are you going to allow the hypocrites to lie to you before you educate yourself? In the law, lack of knowledge is not a defense. The bible seems to agree.

Being the eternal optimist that I am, I believe that when conservative Christians seek out the truth, they will see the error in aligning with those that misguide them. They will recognize the folly of the deceivers and therefore deny them the power and wealth that they so openly desire. Through knowledge, they will see that most religious coalitions are about money and politics, and not religion. They will take their finances and their faith back to their local church and study and live the doctrines that their faith was established on.

There is much need for a religious rebirth in our nation. The kind of religion that many churches now offer. A church that teaches love and condemns hate, helps the needy, gives substance to the soul. The kind of church that reaches out to strengthen America, that brings us together, regardless of our differences or our sins. We must stop those, in lambs clothing, from destroying these churches that are the core of our morality and justness. Christians must once again set the example.

About the Author

Ryan Kelly is a writer, eBook publisher, and a liberal activist who is involved in using the Internet to bring about change in our society. After the re-election of George Bush, he established a grassroots alliance for liberals. The Equality Alliance Mission (T.E.A.M.)