The silence of the house was interrupted by a sound
The clock loudly ticked as the second hand moved around
Time was slipping away, minute by minute, day by day
I could do nothing to keep time at bay

Where did those 18,980 days of my 52 years go
I started searching high and low
After many days seeking, I concluded at last
Those days, weeks, months and years were in my past

How many more days do I have to live
It is in God's hands, my breath He does give
The past is behind me, tomorrow I may not see
My future is in Jesus' hands, He holds the key

In heaven there will be no sound of the clock
Jesus holds the key, this door He'll unlock
Trust in Him who holds time in His hand
The hourglass of old will have no sand

My future is certain, this I believe
He offered me a gift, and I did receive
Eternal salvation that didn't cost a dime
Now I no longer worry about the passage of time.

Irvin L. Rozier, author of My Walk with the Lord, www.selahbooks.com

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author, preacher, retired military