Iraqi Christians in the Gap!

Iraqi Christians in the Gap!

As we think about this war from an eternal perspective, the all-important
question is "what will the war in Iraq mean for the Gospel of Christ Jesus?"
We believe that this war in Iraq will give an open door for the Gospel. The
Gospel is what will heal and free the spirit of man to worship the true and
living God, Christ Jesus! The Gospel is the "bread of life"—the only answer to
the hunger and hopelessness of mankind. We want to bring the "bread of life" to
the Iraqi people who have suffered for so many years.

God has been preparing a people to bring His Word to the Iraqi people. Since
the first Gulf War, thousands of Iraqis have become refugees in Jordan. God has
used this "Exodus" experience from their homeland to draw about 600 of them into
the Kingdom of God. Many of these 600 Iraqi Christians in Jordan are trained to
carry the Gospel to their homeland and ready to go when the doors are opened.
They need our help.

How can you help? In two main ways: prayerfully and financially. Prayerfully,
you can help by praying for our Iraqi brother and sisters in Christ. Pray for
wisdom, protection and provision. Financially, you can help by giving to The
Iraqi Bread of Life Project in order to support the families that will be
returning to Iraq. Your financial gift will be used to help with the food,
travel, and ministry needs (like literature and Bibles) of the Iraqi Christian

Other NGO's (non-governmental organizations) will be working with general needs
of the Iraqi people. Advancing Native Missions' focus is on supplying the
physical needs of the 600 Iraqi Christians in order to help equip them be
Christ's ambassadors to their countrymen in the refugee camps now and to their
nation after the conflict is resolved.

Gifts for the Iraqi Bread of Life Project can be sent to Advancing Native
Missions. Checks should be made payable to Advancing Native Missions and
clearly designated (in the memo line, for instance) for the "Iraqi Bread of Life
Project." If you prefer to give on-line or would like information about ANM,
visit us at

May the Lord bless you as you bless others.

Carl Gordon

President, Advancing Native Missions

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