There is nothing too hard for God to do
What he has done in the past he will do for you
He gave Abraham and Sarah a child in their old age
"Impossible" acts are recorded in the Bible, page after page

Lions' mouths were closed and prison doors flew open
Large armies were defeated with just a few men
When men called out to God in their distress
He did more than they asked for and not less

My situation is impossible I can hear you say
There is no hope why should I pray
My answer to you is to have faith and don't doubt
Trust in the Lord and he will surely bring you out

Is the obstacle you are facing solid as a brick wall
It will crumble to dust if upon Him you will call
Nothing is too hard for God and his mighty power
God changed languages when men built the Babel tower

Copyright 2005 Irvin L. Rozier

About the Author

Author of My Walk with the Lord,, various other articles and poems (do a google or yahoo search on my name), preacher, retired military, Chaplain of American Legion Post 181