Pastor Juan Ortiz with Occludado Hermandad, of Mexico, made this prediction on October 14, 2004. Forget the poll numbers and debates, God has told him who the new president of the United States will be this November. This bold prediction has sparked much heated debate within the Christian Church about prophecy and whether God really speaks to any man or woman today. There are even some people saying that to question Pastor Ortiz' prediction amounts to racism and is judgmental.

No one disputes that a prophet can make a correct prediction of a future event. So when that future event comes to pass as predicted, is that prophet a true prophet? Everyone knows the answer is; not necessarily. This is because in Deuteronomy chapter 13, verses 1-5, the Bible tells us that the false prophet is the one who after making a correct prediction of a future event, then attempts to have other people worship a God other than the God of the Old Testament, who is the Father of Jesus Christ. Thus, the prediction is secondary to the call to worship God.

So a prophet can make a correct prediction of a future event, and then try to get other people to worship a god other than the god of the Bible. The Bible tells us the reason God allows this to happen is because he wants to see whether His people are really loyal to Him. If they went ahead with that false prophet to worship some other god, then those people would have broken the first two Commandments. Those state that God's people shall have no other gods beside Him, and they shall not worship any other god. Thus, there is no such thing as diversity of faith traditions. Period.

Assume by some aberration of nature John Kerry doesn't win the 2004 presidential election. Is Pastor Ortiz then a false prophet? Most Christians and non-Christians alike would say "Yes". Their support for this contention is found in Deuteronomy chapter 18, verses 14-22. That passage basically says that if what a prophet claims that God told him does not come to pass, then that prophet lied. God didn't say any such thing. Back in those days, that prophet would then have earned the right to be stoned to death. Showing that there really are different standards for weathermen and prophets.

BOTTOM LINE: Does God still talk to men and women today? I mean really talk to sane people, with an audible voice? If so what does the voice of God sound like? What about people in other faith traditions, doesn't God speak to them to? All great questions and I have the answers to them in my new book called HOW TO HEAR AND DISCERN THE VOICE OF GOD.

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