Mentor??? Who Needs A Mentor?

Who needs a mentor. . .everyone who is truly serious about
achieving more of their true potential, personally and
financially. In fact, Richard Brooke says:

"If you're someone who wants to break out and do something
extraordinary that you would not do on your own initiative, you
better have a coach-and you better have a great one."

If you doubt Mr. Brooke's quote may I suggest you investigate
all top success icons in any field and you will find they all
have Mentors and Coaches. It is reported that Michael Jordon
at the peak of his career had 11 coaches.

You may be asking: what's the difference between a Mentor
and a Coach? Webster's dictionary defines a . . .

Mentor as: "An experienced and trusted friend and prudent

Coach as: "a private tutor; one who instructs or trains
a performer or a team of performers."

We have defined two types of Mentors - Life and Area
Specific Mentors. A Life Mentor is one whose success
system or methodology is universal and the foundation
for success in every area of a person's life.

Finding a Life Mentor whose success system is universal
to everyone, no matter his or her education, talents or social
status, is extremely difficult. This is why Napoleon Hill,
author of Think & Grow Rich, is so unique and the ideal
Life Mentor because his success system is the foundation
for every outstanding achievement and fortune ever made.

An Area Specific Mentor is a mentor, often referred to as
a "coach," whose knowledge and expertise is in one or a few
areas of life. For example, a head coach of a National
Football League (NFL) team possesses knowledge, skills and
a system encompassing all aspects of the game. However,
he utilizes coaches skilled in the different areas of the
game such as offense, defense and special teams.

Below are six areas in life where we can use Area Specific

1) Physical/Health
2) Family
3) Mental/Educational
4) Career/Financial
5) Social/Civic
6) Spiritual/Ethical

Seriously you say, do we and specifically myself really need
a mentor? Let's look at the facts:

No one person will live long enough to make all of the mistakes

In simple terms, mentors speed the learning process and are
the reason for advancements in technology and the standards of
living we enjoy today.

The last half-century has seen very little change statistically.

Using the oft-quoted post-war study published by the Social
Security Administration and Denvey's Economic Tables, less
than 5% of the population at that time retired wealthy or
financially independent. Sadly, a study done in March 2000 by the American
Economic Review reported that the gap between "the haves"
and "have nots" is widening.

Grade-Point-Score averages, according to studies, have barely
been maintained over the last 50 years. Moreover, in
professional sports, with all the advancements in mind and
physical development, one would think that the number of
super stars being produced would have increased dramatically;
however, as a percentage, it remains virtually unchanged.

With the explosion of entrepreneurial opportunities in
franchising and network marketing beginning in the 1980s, plus
the same explosion from the mid-1990s on in Internet businesses,
why doless than 5% of the participants in these ventures enjoy
success and make any money! WHY?

Research and my own experience, which includes teaching an
entrepreneurial course at a major community college for several
years and working with several thousand participants in my
Success and Wealth System course, leads me to one indisputable
conclusion - Most people are without mentors, especially "Life

You may say: It only happens in movies or for those talented few
you say! How about the heroics and courage against unbelievable
odds in athletics, the military and in everyday life. These
qualities of character and achievement were learned from a true
Life Mentor such as parents, teachers and those who have paid the
price to be called a Mentor.

Yes, we all need good Life Mentors and Coaches at every stage of
our lives. But be careful to choose those who walk the talk and
demonstrate and exemplify the life qualities and achievements in
their own life.


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