Ministry Consultant

New Ministry Consultant that can truly help with Donations!

Naugle Ministries has some new ideas that will help promote any large Television Christian Ministry to almost double their size. Naugle Ministries under the leadership of Bill Naugle the newest and one of the fastest growing Ministry Consultants has specialized himself in three major areas of Christian Ministry. Christian Ministries are asking for a Ministry Consultant to help them with: 1. Expense Reduction. 2. Increase sale of their books. 3. Increase Donations. Ministry Consultant Bill Naugle has developed a plan to obtain each of these objectives.
These plans are simple and easy to implement at a very low cost. The fees are only 10% of the new book sales under this plan. All new donations under this new plan will only be a 10% fee. The Christian Ministry who hires Naugle Ministries, as their Consultant will be bringing in thousands of dollars in new donations every month for a very small fee. Naugle Ministries wants Christian Ministries to prosper so that their organization and work will expand to send out the Gospel and feed the poor. There are no upfront fees. Naugle Ministries only gets paid when the hiring Ministry profits.
These ideas are original and effective. Just by simple observation of many Christian Ministries that are on television one can determine that their operations are behind the times of modern technology in today