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IS JESUS CHRIST STILL THE SAME TODAY AS YESTERDAY? Does He really care about our daily lives? My book, My Walk with the Lord, gives true examples of how He works in our daily lives.

This book of true stories based on scriptural fact is a modern day book of the Acts. You will be amazed, you will laugh, you will cry as your eyes are opened to see how much Jesus loves and cares for you.


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I recently wrote and had published my first book, My Walk with the Lord. This book contains short testimonies of how the Lord has led me, guided me, and used me for the past 17+ years. The local newspaper editor wrote an article about it and said "This book is well worth reading. This publisher read the manuscript before it was published and wept.....the vignettes in the book will appeal to everyone in their varied walks in life. Some of the stories are accounts that are nothing short of miraculous."President George Bush wrote upon receipt of my book "Thank you for your kind gesture".Georgia Governor Perdue wrote "......I especially appreciate the way that you have allowed God to use you and your gift of writing to help others. Thank you for sharing your writings with me."Major General Eric Olson wrote "...your book will be placed in the base library for service members and their families. Your life experiences are an inspiration to everyone."Elsie from Florida wrote "...I couldn't put it down until I had read the whole book!!!"From Dr Reed, a friend of John Hagee, San Antonio Texas..."It means so much to me!"From Tennessee..."Your book has been a great blessing!"From Florida "..I was so excited to get your book..I read it all the first night! I feel truly blessed"From Texas "If anyone hasn't yet read this book, it is a must read! Once I began to read, I couldn't put it down!"From a reader from Barnes and Noble "..I don't read many books, but reading this book I could not put it down until I finished."From Texas "received the book and began reading...I can't hardly put it down.."From South Carolina " caused me to stay up until 3AM reading your book...I couldn't put down the book."A reviewer from Writer's Digest wrote "...This is a very lively book and nicely produced in all respects. The author's voice is friendly and down-to-earth and the material is very personal in a way that invites readers into the book as well as entertains.....The author's stories, taken from real life, are the kind of reading we all can enjoy since they involve people and people's experiences. Certainly his life of prayer will provide an inspiration to all."My book was released on 18 November 2003, and over 350 copies have been distributed. One man bought 20 copies to give as gifts to his friends. It has spread across the United States and is in England, Iraq, Germany, New Zealand and Switzerland.

Many of the short stories have been distributed to other people, and they have been blessed.

Some of the stories can be viewed at or or . My book is listed on and amazon, booksamillion and barnes and noble. The ISBN code is 1589301137

Irvin L. Rozier

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author, preacher, retired military