"New" Israeli invites EU occupation!

Hosea 1:9
9Then God said:
"Call his name Lo-Ammi,
For you are not My people,
And I will not be your God.

God rejects all those "new" Israeli rejects, those Jews and
Israelis so detached from their Hebrew roots and biblical
responsibilities, so cut off from reality, and soon to be cut
off from the biblical Promised Land of ISRAEL, tossed out like
so much litter, so much worthless refuse (Jer. 6:30), for
refusing to live holy lives in the Holy Land (and the Fathers
refuse to recognize such spiritually illegitimate children as their descendants - Isa. 63:16), Gentilized Israelites and Jews on their way out (Hos. 5:7, 6:7), and EU OCCUPATION is on the way in, such disaster invited by political prostitutes who have sold out Israel and circle like vultures! (Zech. 14:1-2).

About the Author

David Ben-Ariel, an American author who has travelled widely and who has lived throughout Israel, shares a special focus on the Middle East and great interest in Jerusalem, reflected in hard-hitting articles that help others improve their understanding of that troubled region. Check out www.benariel.com