Night of the Living Dead

For many people, life has become as dull and despairing as death. We suffer from spiritual inertia. We have allowed ourselves to be paralyzed by shallow beliefs and shackled by the strong chains of discouragement. We have permitted the sacred and holy to be eclipsed by the secular and profane. Hearts that were once gay have suddenly become heavy. Men who were once optimistic have become pessimistic. Many who were once willing to greet tomorrow with a cheer, now regard the future with nervous anxiety.

What we have here are powerless people who live in the night of spiritual darkness. It is a spiritual calamity- a dead situation. It is people whose spirit and life has dried up and the artesian springs of their souls has ceased to flow. They are, in essence, like a desert without a living stream of water. They are spiritual carcasses roaming around in the night-ness of their wretched existence.

Not only have they lost confidence in our world, but they have also lost faith in themselves and in God. They have become like zombies