OPHIR: - I include an excerpt from my book The Kelts: Children of the Don as a way of giving the gist of what the Biblical Ophir and the guilds of metal workers named after him may have been up to in the four millennia before Jesus. Whether his guild of workers actually built a temple for David as mentioned in the Bible does not really matter. There is lots of evidence of the international nature of corporate enterprises going back long before Ophir.

They shared knowledge on the oceans and made charts that led to the Hadji Ahmed map that shows the Bering Strait as it was 12,500 years ago. Some of these navigators learned trigonometry and geometry as a natural progression of their travel by the stars. Cults of adepts began to value these trade routes and the knowledge of where the minerals were. There is good reason to believe these things began a very long time before the Last Ice Age. The sidereal charts we saw MacDari quote McCarthy and the Professor about, the Hadji Ahmed map, the Australian man, the Biblical city of Ophir that Solomon traded with and lots of reasons exist to believe was a trading and mining enterprise in the Americas (Ophir=O'Fir and the obvious Keltic connection if you have read this book). The 16th century monk Montanus drew maps with two Ophirs in the Americas and one was at the mouth of the Amazon. Then there are the white-skinned Easter Island people and the Tiki Gods with the Red Hair who legend says had mined places in South America.

The forming of metals into knives by the Mayans first started with meteorites, and probably this is true allover the world. The site of Rhoda near Meteor Crater in Arizona with excellent archaeological proof was ridiculed but should be revisited now that there are many other supposedly anomalous 'finds'. Forget the records of the Mayans and Incas that talk about white skinned bearded (they don't have facial hair) and red haired people; we don't need to rely on mere legends of truthful people anymore. Certainly we know 'his'-story of the Euro-centric white men and Empire builders, is propaganda. So, I say meteorites and their uses and spiritual value led to very early man becoming acquisitive and a traveler, as well as a miner. How early? VERY! Perhaps as long ago as 1.5 million years ago when he noticed the meteorite metal on the tip of his throwing spear worked better than his straightened mammoth tusk spear.

Proceeding from the incentive to trade and the travel it required, leads to the 'cell diffusion' adepthoods like the de Danaan and the 'Red-Headed League of Megalith Builders'. There is archaeological evidence for all these things and they all fit with the pre-'his'-story of the Golden Age of Peace and Harmony that was on Malta and in all nature worship domains such as Gimbutas asserts. The secrets of the trade routes and the maps not made available until after the Templars were back-stabbed by the French King in the early 1300s makes for a lot of substantial proof and motive. These Portolan maps made trade around Europe easier for all people and put the final nail in the coffin of feudalism. That does not mean there aren't intrigues and counter-counter plots by those who kept the secret for many millenia. The attunements with the Earth Energy Grid that archaeology is proving with the Nazca lines and Don Robins has shown with the megaliths are part of the mapping enterprise as well.

The Dardannae or de Danaan of Troy or Wilusia and the Hittite archives join interesting little pieces of the puzzles but are not the overall game of greed and corporate (emporia of the Phoenicians) that made the Keltic clans break apart from within, as the aristocrats began to enjoy each other more than their fellow man. The Druids were the last bastion of the old shamanic nature worshippers that are at the root of Taoism and Yoga. The actual knowledge MacDari speaks to is more important than his historical assertions. This esoteric knowledge was secret and still remains in the hands of a few until this day. Some of it is irretrievably lost but little of it is ever considered by academics who talk to the media.

The Exegesists or hermeneuts of the Catholic Encyclopedia deserve a glance. You can find it in the library or on the World Wide Web; when you read it you will see a complex web of knowledge and expertises coordinate to present an appearance of things known that are often disproven. Re-structuring the lies is a job that will require more effort and reach fewer people to the same extent in the coming years. Hopefully honesty will erupt in a ground-swell of individuals who say 'let's look at what we do and where we are going' the ethics and laws are not appropriate to forge the kind of world we want at all. Are we willing to give up our sacred cows in pursuit of ecumenical brotherhood? Let's start by ending gender inequality and starting to teach soulful sensuality so responsible people will again be the 'norm'. Ignorance IS the 'Original Sin' and we all must accept our ignorance as an opportunity for growth, rather than cling to each other in cults of denial!

"The Tuatha de Danaan lived in the northern isles of the world, learning lore and magic and Druidism and wizardry and cunning, until they surpassed the sages of the arts of heathendom. There were four cities in which they learned lore and science and diabolic arts, to wit Falias and Gorias, Murias and Findias {Or Finias and possible Phineas Pharsa of legend's home.}. Out of Falias was brought the Stone of Fal which was in Tara {In Eire, thus Falias was a provincial capitol city and Tara the spiritual center of the whole Keltic clandom.}. It used to roar under every king that would take the realm of Ireland. Out of Gorias was brought the Spear that Lug had. No battle was ever won against it or him who held it in his hand. Out of Findias was brought the Sword of Nuada. When it was drawn from its deadly sheath, no one ever escaped from it, and it was irresistible. Out of Murias was brought the Dagda's Cauldron. No company ever went from it unthankful. Four wizards (there were) in those four cities. Morfesa was in Falias: Estas was in Gorias: Uscias was in Findias: Semitas {Is this the root of Semite?} was in Murias. Those are the four poets of whom the Tuatha De learnt lore and science."

From the commentaries on Keltic lore that I have read and the references to the tales of Ossian commentators; I think there is a great deal of time up to the current and corrupt presentation. Corrupted by years of telling tales and Christian re-writes of the same tales. It therefore seems likely I would gain far less from the tales of Ossian than I might hope for. The archaeological and historic record serves me better I hope. The truth is all I can do is make guesses. The phrase 'out of _____was brought' suggested they were often on the move. The glacial effects were definitely a part of that for the period from 13,000 B.C. till 4,000 B.C. and where these four cities were at any particular time would make the telling of legends absolutely difficult to say for sure if that were the only factor. There is no question that major centers of influence can be identified and we can look to certain technologies and social factors or names and languages to help our guesswork. Memphis was a clearly important religious center with a focus on the magical sciences.

Malta was more of an ashram or training center and might also have had the top secret 'chaos scientists' who worked on developing technologies like the Pyramid/Earth Energy Grid. There are those like Boorstein who claim Crete was Atlantis all on its own. The Iberias may have been associated in a corporate trading enterprise that included the Americas and Basque as well as the post flood region of the Black Sea. The region between the Black and Caspian Sea was known as Iberia and had a capitol or main city of the same name. It is now called Tiflis. The Iliad says the Amazons came from this region. The Amazons were women fighters of the Kelts as I see it. At the same time Iberia was developing the Tagus to Massalia (current Marseilles) region with Phocaean and Milesian peoples who are remnants of the Royal House of Mallia on Crete from 2000BC. when the anti-egalitarian movement really took off. In the Bible we read about the ships of Tarshis that traveled between these two Iberias, and their outposts including Anatolian archaeological digs.

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