Paying Respects to Meir Kahane

Considering the anniversaries of the murders of Prime Minister Rabin and Israeli Parliament Member and rabbi Meir Kahane are fast approaching, this letter sent to Jewish friends in America during my sojourn in Israel during that tragic time reveals on the scene details about the dark shadow that continues to haunt the Holy Land today:

Mon., Nov. 13, '95

Shalom from Jerusalem!

May this find you well - all things considered. The enclosed magazine "In Justice" has an excellent article about the Temple Mount - addressing many of the religious concerns & clearing up a lot of the unnecessary confusion that the rabbis have contributed to. There's also an excellent article by Rabbi Meir Kahane about Eretz Yisrael.

I went with my lawyer friend from the Temple Mt. Faithful to Rabbi Kahane's gravesite where I lit a candle in the prayerful hope that as our situation grows darker, his light will grow brighter. Of course there were police taking photographs of all those paying their respects.

This hypocritical government forbid a memorial rally in Zion Square (planned before Rabin died), while encouraging the leftist rally in Tel Aviv. I'm afraid the secular situation could lead to our deportation back to "Babylon." It's frightening that the Attorney General Ben-Yair is threatening journalists not to interview or publish anyone who might approve of Rabin's death. (I was interviewed by The Philadelphia Inquirer on Ben-Yehuda mall).

Today he went further acknowledging how undemocratic he's acting in threatening to stop buses from reaching demonstrations! They've already done that when they declared the highway from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem a military zone & blocked ZO ARTZEINU buses from reaching Jerus. this summer! I knew Rabin's death would give them an excuse to try & crush the opposition with an iron fist.

The J. Post said they'd run a letter soon I wrote about my arrest on the Temple Mt.

A rabbi I know here is now trying to help me obtain at least permanent residence. The president of Root & Branch also wrote a letter of recomm. for me. So much to say but I'm off soon to tonight's Root & Branch lecture. They're interesting.

To be cont.

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