President Bush has lost his way!

Dear President Bush:

You have lost your way! It's such a tragedy because you could've become a hero in our British-Israelite history, judged as a great leader with character and conviction, yet you've chosen to ignore your conscience (to the peril of all) and have become drunk with delusions of a peace without biblical foundation! Now you shamefully follow the March of Folly with such comrades as Neville Chamberlain instead of Winston Churchill! Your misguided roadmap hurls the Middle East down the Highway to Hell and invites EU road rage (to ditch America and drive their stake into the heart of Israel and occupy Jerusalem!) Fasten your seatbelt! EU turbulence is just ahead! (Isa. 28:18).

President Bush, Commander-in-Chief of Manasseh, leader of the "Lost Tribes" and head of Joseph: May you wholeheartedly repent of your accursed involvement with lying peace treaties (signed with blood) that will soon be littered (with many lives) along the way and encourage Israel to know President Ronald Reagan's "peace through strength" and Rabbi Meir Kahane's biblical solution to liberate the Arab-occupied territories, annex them and expel all who refuse to live in peace within the Promised Land of Israel (not Ishmael).

After all is said and done, and you kneel before our common Creator and face our Jewish Lord and Savior - as a professing Christian, you know the Holy Land is given to the Jews (as custodians for all 12 Tribes) and that the God of Israel cannot be mocked and doesn't renege on His promises. Why would you reward ungodly terrorists by erasing our forefather Israel's name off the map to supplant it with "Palestine" (Ps. 83)? Why would you dare to dismantle the Temple (Jerusalem) and dismember our Mother (Jewish homeland) to divide Israel's inheritance among bastards, whose illegitimate claims don't hold water? (Joel 3:2, Jer. 2:13). Who are you to tempt the Lord your God? Don't you know that the nations are soon to be judged for defiling the Holy Land with their unholy presence as "peacekeepers" and unnecessary meddling as mediators? Does God need the bloody UN to impose their will on His City or the German-Jesuits to stamp the Middle East with their Merovingian mark?

President Bush, descendant of King David through your royal lineage: May God bless you to keep the Faith, uphold Jerusalem and boldly support the Scriptures and prosper rather than vainly attempt to override them and miserably fail! May the God of your fathers bless you to make a u-turn and burn with His zeal (untouchable to hostile men or nations) and shine with the light of His Word, filled with His Spirit of joy (knowing God's anointing is upon you and that the faithful are praying for you!).

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