Religion: S/he's wrong, I'm right

Religion is supposed to be a good thing, right? Yet how much has gone wrong because of it? Too much, that's all. Here we're going to examine effective strategies for minimizing the problems and animosity that may arise from two people who share different belief systems, especially if the two form a couple.
Religion is so touchy because even though everyone thinks they're right, no one can prove them wrong. The trick is in finding some common ground, using some respect and accepting some hard-to-swallow truths.

You're both right...

Religion is really about faith, so you two should acknowledge the other person not on what books they think are sacred, but on how they practice their faith. If they are sincere about their beliefs, then power to them. They deserve to be commended, especially since so little of today's "religious" people practice what they preach.
Oh, the arguing
Now, in a perfect world, everyone would respect another's rights and beliefs and get along happily ever after... better yet everyone would know the truth already. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. We have tried to identify, therefore, some of the most prominent reasons arguments and animosities arise, and how to prevent and/or counteract such a situation:
One person pressing their beliefs on another: this is very common. What you want to do is, first of all, not do this. Never insist that they believe what you believe. You have no right since they have just as much leverage as you do. Also, it's unethical to do so when they have kindly asked you not to. If someone does this to you, tell them kindly that you will not believe, and if they keep on, refer them to this article.

One person ridiculing what another has to say: this too is common. One person calls another an idiot or a sheep, and this is wrong on all accounts. Not only that, it is counterproductive... it does nothing to better the situation [and nothing to change their minds]. When this happens, especially in close relationships, it will create IRRECONCIABLE differences. I know it doesn't sound like it, but it is THAT serious. Instead...

One person SHOULD focus on what they believe in: people shoud do this more often without trying to convince others thay they are right. If you focus on explaining what you believe and practicing what you preach, one will be unable to criticize you on any account. You will also stop yourself from looking hypocritical.

No matter what, you may be wrong, and you definitely do not know everything. Just remember this and consider it fact. Thus, you should always approach a discussion on religion with an open mind.

Religion = Love

The next time you get into an argument over religion, consider what your religion is all about and you will see that arguing is not only going to make things worse, but its hypocritical. Most religions are similar anyway and they all say that you should love unconditionally and forgive, so there you go.

About the Author

Timothy Winters is a researcher and an author for whom specializes in interpersonal relationships.