Religion ......There it is

let me tell you something

1. God does not exist.
2. Allah does not exist.
3. Jesus does not exist.
4. Shiva does not exist.

almost 90% of the people reading this blog would not mind my first sentence, just dismissing me as an atheist,

However, #2 for Muslims, #3 for Christians, # 4 for Hindus would definitely anger these respective people, and i'm sure they would fight me tooth and nail to prove their point. Well I'm not here to debate the existence of god, just the existence of our ignorance.

Why aren't we as much angered when somebody talks about just "God" , than when somebody talks about my God. It seems that these people do accept then that there is a God, and there is my God. It also proves that 'my God' is not the real God , atleast for me because I'm not angered or incensed or even bothered when somebody says that "God does not exist".

And while I'm bothered when somebody drags "My God" into a controversy, i am a little worried for the the plain "God" who doesn't have any takers.

It also reveals that we want to ascribe to our religious beliefs in a way more than the religion itself dictates. I do feel that most of the time the culprit is not "God" who by the way was never clear about his real identity and thus created the plethora of confusion among us, but rather our very own religious egos.

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