Shakespeare's Theogany

Shakespeare's Cosmogony of the Spheres and the Tao combine with the chakras to give the Tree of Life or Norse and Indian of America - Yggdrasil as shown in the graphics at my publisher site.

The Triune Nature of Man is the Tao plus Divine Spirit and together can become Providential especially when a true union (Yoga means union) is achieved. Thus as Victor Hugo noted in his evaluation of Shakespeare "One is drawn back again and again to the cliff over-looking the waves of the marvellous, and each time taking one step further down or towards the precipice". But when you lose yourself fully in the 'marvelous' you will find PURPOSE and that Divine Providence you are part and parcel of. We are all Gods in Training and God requires all energy to harmonize and thus another phrase for Shakespeare's Cosmogony (a paper I did a real study for in grade 11) is 'Harmony of the Spheres'. Each sphere or sephirah has much to offer the seeker.

The tragedy of it all is this - man and his ego will not allow him to listen to the music of the spheres. Man seeks affirmation and avoids the unknown or unknowable. He rages at the 'sound and fury' and will not simply 'BE'. He chooses the stage and acts his parts as laid out by other men and the material world of hierarchy. He gives to Caesar more than what Caesar deserves and has lost his center or soul (Collective is God).

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