Sinister plot to immortalize Arafat's teachings and leadersh

"People on this night are going to be on several different levels. No doubt we are on the lowest level, so we are hoping in this night to attain the honor and illumination granted in it. When we reach a higher level and as it is a holy night in the heavens as well, we will begin to sense something [of the great power being manifested] on this night. Whoever is at the highest spiritual level must be present for this night in the Divine Presence of the Lord."

"Sources in the defense establishment believe tomorrow will be the day on which the Palestinians will ask to disconnect Arafat from life support and announce his death.
Tomorrow night marks Lailat al-Kader, the night Muslims believe God revealed the Koran to the prophet Mohammed. The death of the Palestinian leader on that day will, therefore, be symbolic."

"The bill specifically forbids Arafat from being buried anywhere in Israel. "Because of his disease," the bill reads, "the State of Israel allowed Arafat to leave for the sake of medical treatment. This bill requests a ban on his return to Israel or to the Palestinian Authority areas, whether to stay or to pass through. The bill also wishes to prevent his burial in these areas, lest the site turn into a pilgrimage attraction, a symbol, and a source of inspiration for the war against Israel's existence.""
Arutz-7 news: Tuesday Nov 9, 2004

""We chose Ramallah because it is close to Jerusalem, where we are hoping to bury him in the near future," said Hassan Khraisheh, deputy speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council and member of a special committee entrusted with overlooking the funeral arrangements. Palestinians said that after Arafat would be buried there, a mosque and monument would be built inside the compound."

"Sha'ath said there is no talk of removing Arafat from life support. "We are not really believers in euthanasia. The man is not suffering; he is in a coma ... It's out of the question that anybody is thinking of taking any such decisions," he said."

Waiting till the Night of Power to pull the plug on Arafat's life support would have effectively placed him on the "highest spiritual level" quoted above, and therefore, "in the divine presence of" allah. However, as the PA officals didn't remove his life support, even his burial in Ramallah, complete with a mosque and monument to boot, will do one of two things in the minds and hearts of Muslims worldwide who revered Arafat in this life.

1) Arafat will be elevated to prophet status, and his teachings, sayings, decrees, etc, spread throughout the Islamic world, and be followed even more devoutly than in his lifetime. Thus ensuring PA leadership, that their goals to wipe out the Jews and Christians wherever they may be found, will be carried out in even greater numbers, dedication, and determination than in the past.

In this situation, pulling the plug on Lailat al-Kader would have been a ploy to ensure that policies, goals, ideology, and commitment to Arafat's cause is further entrenched and carried out. Such a ploy would have taken advantage of Muslim thought and desire on this day, and basically forcing what many call "the new Islam" down everyone's throat, as refusal to honor a prophet brings harsh discipline.

Burial complete with mosque and monument will very likely do the same thing in the minds of the moslem people, as not only will they come to mourn, but also come to worship.

2) Arafat will receive the burial fitting for a prophet, and many will come merely to mourn his passing, but no elevation to prophet status will occur.

This is less likely to happen, as in order to have his death be symbolic on the night of Lailat al-Kader, moslems would have to admit that Arafat was spoken to by allah himself, and that his death is a sign that his words are to be whole-heartedly honored and obeyed.

It's bad enough that the IDF is bracing for riots and increased violence in PA-controlled areas following the news of Arafat's death. But to have millions of moslems suddenly claim Arafat as a prophet will make matters worse for Jews, and Christians around the world. It's already bad enough that a BBC reporter cried over his release to a Paris hospital. The added sympathy, honor, mourning, and allegiance to his teachings will only congeal supporters world-wide as well.

I see therefore, a potential polarization of East versus West, of People of the Book versus Islam in the coming days. Saudi Arabia is already treating the war in Iraq as a holy war. PA-bred terrorists are already in Iraq killing Americans and other national groups the same way they've been killing Jews in Israel for years.

Arafat is not another Louie Riel(, to be decried, then enshrined, then decried, then a statue built, repeatedly going from hero to villain and back again. Arafat, plain and simple, is a villain on a massive scale. He will be a hero to the strain of Islam he revived and its sympathizers, and a villain to those who don't adhere or sympathize with his ways and teachings.

I say be watchful in coming days. Whether intended by the PA leadership or not, Islam may have just turned a corner. Jews and Christians beware.

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