Many of God's servants are waiting on the bench for the Coach to put them in the game. They have prepared for the the day, time, and hour when the LORD nods His head, points His finger, and says "Okay, it is time for you to take the position you have prepared and practiced so hard and so long for. It is your time."

In the Bible are many examples. Joseph, the dreamer, was preparing, waiting for that day, time, and hour when God gave the okay, and he was promoted to the position that God had ordained for him. Moses, David, Paul, and many others were the same way. Even Jesus, who knew more about the Father, and had so much to share, sit on the bench until God's time was right.

The LORD has taught me the value of waiting on His timing many times over the past 18+ years. I would like to give two examples.

The Holy Spirit had spoken a word to me that I would be preaching on the radio. Days, weeks, months, and a year passed. During this time, I was studying God's word, praying, preaching at some other places..yet, the Holy Spirit often spoke to me on this. About 14 months after I received the word to preach on the radio, I was sitting on my back porch, meditating on God's word. Suddenly, the LORD spoke to me and said, "Tonight, at 6:45, I want you to start preaching on the radio." It was Wednesday afternoon, about 1:30. I said, "Okay, Lord. I'll go over to the radio station, and inquire about having a 15 minute program." I drove the eight miles to the station, went inside and asked the radio station manager about a program. He said, "Normally, we don't have preaching on Wednesday evening, but I can give you a fifteen minute slot starting at 6:45 P.M. You can begin tonight. It will be $25." So, I paid the man, and preached that night. Many who were going to a Wednesday night service heard me. This mission the LORD gave me lasted for 18 months. No one supported me (financially) yet the LORD made a way. The Holy Spirit had spoken a word to me, yet I had to "sit on the bench" until the time of the word came. PSALM 105 verse 19 ''UNTIL THE TIME THAT HIS WORD CAME: THE WORD OF THE LORD TRIED HIM."

I was praying for the LORD to open a door for me to preach. He spoke to me and said, "You will be preaching a sermon at your old home church, in the new one they built." I replied, "Lord, they are not going to invite me to preach. I don't go there anymore (the Lord had moved me because I was not being utilized there) and besides, the leadership has not recognized the call on my life is from you." He replied, "Have faith." A few months later, I was sitting at the coffee shop reading the paper. I turned to the obituaries, and read where a friend of mine had died. At the bottom of the article, these words jumped out at me: "And preaching on her funeral will be the pastor of the church (my home church), and Irvin Rozier." Well, that was me and the funeral was the next day. I arrived, and the pastor met me, and said "You go first. Do as the LORD leads." This was God's plan. I did preach at my old home church just as the LORD had said.

I recognize that the LORD will place you where He wants you....and nothing shall oppose His will.

I hope this is an encouragement. Wait on the leading of the Holy Spirit and on God's timing.

Acts 16 verse 7 "After they were come to Mysia, they assayed to go into Bithynia: but the Spirit suffered them not."

Irvin L. Rozier

About the Author

author of My Walk with the Lord,, preacher, retired military