Spiritual Lesson From a Freckle-Faced Boy in a Cincinnati Re

I've had the honor of being in many churches and therefore on the receiving end of more stirring sermons than I could even begin to count. I enjoy Bible reading daily as well as a rich prayer life. However, one of the most life-changing, Spiritually-enlightening moments in my life didn't even come in a church. It didn't come while on my deck, surrounded by morning glories and petunias.

It came during a AAA Baseball game! God absolutely works in mysterious ways.

My husband, our daughters and I were enjoying a ballgame on a warm August evening. Enjoying, because we were together, we were eating unbelievably delicious ballpark hot dogs and our team was winning. The only negative presence in our world that evening was about 4 ft. tall with tousled bangs, adorable freckles, a #4 little league jersey and an unforgettably irritating "It's-all-about-me-and-I-dare-you-to-say-it-isnt" aura. Recalling the whining of this miniature Red's fan makes the hairs on my neck stand at attention even today, three years later!

We first became aware of him about 20 minutes before the game, when he stomped over our feet while trying to get onto the field. Nevermind the fact that his frazzled father kept telling him "no". He wanted no part of "no" and, after all, knew more than his dad. So he ignored him and, sure enough, received a good scolding from an usher.

This alone could have been a spiritual lesson. How many times do we, God's children, go about our merry little way ignoring Him and His commands, only to hit a wall of disappointment the way #4 hit the irritable side of an usher? Then, I wonder, do we wear the same "How could that have happened to me? I didn't see that coming!" type of expression the kid wore? No, I don't really wonder - I know we do!

What stood out to me about that evening, and what I think about (often) is this: No matter what the mom or dad did for him, it was never enough. Bringing him to the ballgame when they probably could have been working in the yard or sitting on the couch, wasn't good enough. He complained because the temperature was too hot and (egads!) he had to sit in a seat. Buying him a ball from the gift shop wasn't enough because they couldn't make so-and-so sign it (regardless of the fact that Mr. so-and-so was in the middle of a game!). The popcorn, the hot dog, the soda and the snowcone - none of them were enough. He still complained about everything he could think of.

He didn't see what he had. He only saw what he didn't have.

One day, the young boy will be a young man and will probably think back to that night. I wonder if he'll remember how miserable he made his parents and those around him. I wonder if he'll ask himself, "Man, what was I thinking, I had it all. Dad tried so hard to give me everything, mom was so proud of me in my little hat and jersey. I never even thanked them for what they gave me. I just whined about what they didn't give me." I hope he realizes it sooner rather than later, and hope he takes his parents to a ballgame, and buys them all sorts of goodies! AND, I hope they sit close to me, because I'd like to thank him for the greatest sermon I never heard.

I didn't need a preacher or teacher to say, "Do you hear that? Do you see how wrong this adorable little boy is? Will this make a difference in your life?" The answers were yes, yes, and YES! I'm as far from perfect as the Brewers are from the World Series, but I did learn a lesson that night.

He didn't see what he had. He only saw what he didn't have.

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Joi Sigers is a Christian, a baseball fan, and an internet marketer. Visit one of her websites at http://www.dreamprophesy.com.