The LORD raises up people for different reasons
The Bible records stories of times and seasons
Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jonah and Esther are a few
Of those that God raised up, his bidding to do
How about Stephen, James, John, Peter and Paul
To do his work on earth, on them God did call

Brother Daniel was born and lived to record
Much about prayer and the workings of the LORD
He wrote that in the last days knowledge would increase
After he finished chapter 12, God let him rest in peace
Malachi was a prophet born to preach and write
His four chapters point to the dawning of a new light

In our present year of two thousand and five A.D.
God still raises up people like you and me
To do his work in such a time like this
To point others to Jesus so heaven they won't miss
Knowledge has increased and many are running to and fro
God's word is truth, this one thing I know

Copyright 2005 Irvin L. Rozier

About the Author

Author of My Walk with the Lord,, various other articles and poems (do a google search or yahoo on my name), preacher, retired military